These Are The Fastest All-Electric Cars In The World

Let’s face it, Electric Cars are here to stay! What really impresses me is the overall power of the below models! In my opinion in order to stay relevant, every car maker will need to make a decision to migrate towards a future without fossil fueled vehicles!

Franklin White

Source, James Jacobs Contributing Writer, HotCars

EVs are no longer just more sustainable vehicle options, they’re also some of the fastest cars in the world. Here, we rank the 10 fastest ones yet!

As technology improves, we begin to realize the possibilities available to us. Not only for convenience’s sake but to help those around us, too. A great example of this can be found in the automotive industry. More specifically, electric cars as a whole.

Electric cars have three major perks: they’re cheaper than gasoline, emit no harmful gases, and instantly deliver torque. With the last one, electric cars have quickly become some of the quickest cars on the planet, particularly from 0 to 60 MPH.

Today, though, we’re interested in only one thing: their flat-out speed. Not just from any fast EV, but an all-electric car only – no combustion engine.

With those criteria set, we went about finding the ten fastest electric supercars we could; organizing them from bottom to top…

10Audi E-Tron GT – ~150 MPH

With companies like Porsche and Tesla moving forward with their EV technology, competitors such as Audi have begun to feel the pressure to keep up. “Their answer?” The 2021 Audi e-tron GT

Though we don’t know much about the GT’s specifics, we can assume that it will be around the 150 MPH range. Enough to keep up with Tesla’s Model S and Porsche’s Taycan. Obviously, that figure could always improve/decline as time goes on.

9Aston Martin Rapide E – ~155 MPH

From out of left field, we’ve got another carmaker that not many expected to take the all-electric route: Aston Martin! Yet, as fate would have it, the Rapide E has been embroiled in a bit of controversy as of late.

Some sources claim that the electric Aston was D.O.A. (dead on arrival) before getting shipped out. However, Aston Martin appears to deny this. So, we may never see an electric Rapide make it to full production, but at least we know how fast it could’ve gone if so.

8Tesla Model S Performance – 163 MPH

At this point, everyone knows that if you’re going to talk about fast electric cars, you won’t be able to go for long without bringing up Tesla. Elon Musk built this company from the dirt – Molding it into the world’s most valuable car manufacturer ever.

A lot of the success can be attributed to Tesla’s first car (excluding the classic Roadster), the Model S. Nowadays, the high-speed package is known as the ‘Model S Performance’. From the factory, a Model S Performance will accelerate to sixty miles-per-hour in under 2.5-seconds and reach nearly 170 MPH.

Not too shabby for an $80,000, all-electric sedan that just about anyone can handle.

7Karma SC2 – ~200 MPH

Once again, we have another vehicle that has yet to make it to production (as of the writing of this). Though, unlike the rest, the Fisker was resurrected from the electric car afterlife. Of course, we’re talking about Karma’s newest SC2 concept.

Karma has really taken off since their re-branding, as evidenced by creations like the one pictured above. With a supposedly 1,100-hp battery-powered engine, the SC2 is said to deliver ~10,500 lb-ft of torque instantaneously.

We’re a little hesitant to take Karma’s word for it. Though, if they’re being honest, it’ll be quite the sight to see.

6Lotus Evija – ~200 MPH

It’s very nice to see Lotus getting their foothold back in the automotive industry. After Lotus’s many years of low sales and bad press, they might’ve just found their ‘Golden Goose’: the Lotus Evija.

As you can guess, the Evija is a fully electric hypercar. Well, at least that’s what Lotus likes to say. Though the car can (supposedly) reach 200 MPH, it’s drawn criticism by enthusiasts. Sure, 200 MPH is fast but not as fast as what the others are putting out. If Lotus wants to make a real impact, they’ll need a bit more than that…

5Pininfarina Battista – 217 MPH

You may know the Pininfarina company from their previous works in the past, notably those with Ferrari and Lancia. Today, however, they’re making another car on their own. A hypercar to take on the Holy Trinity, the Pininfarina Battista.

The fact that the Battista is a stunningly beautiful car should come as no surprise to anyone, as Pininfarina did design the Testarossa, after all. As far as its power unit, the Battista is said to produce just under 2,000-hp. But, if you want one, you better get in quick and with a lot of cash, because they’re only making 150 units.

4 NIO EP9 – ~218 MPH

What better company to build a high-end, electric supercar than NIO – A Chinese automaker that’s currently entrenched in the upper echelons of EV racing, specifically Formula E.

The car they came up with is the EP9. Using technology and experience from Formula E, NIO had no problem structuring a performance sports car around an electric power unit. The EP9 then proceeded to take the track-record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife back in 2017.

Even now, three years after the fact, the NIO EP9 remains fourth fastest on notorious ‘Green Hell’

3. Aspark Owl – 249 MPH

Japan is full of some extremely creative individuals. Over there, art is completely different from the west; sometimes preferring an aesthetic that seems otherworldly to us. A good instance of this can be found in the Aspark Owl: a Japanese-made battery-powered hypercar.

2 Tesla Roadster – 250 MPH

Although Tesla has yet to put the Roadster up for sale, we figured that (with all the hubbub surrounding it) it had earned a spot on our list. Heck, if it can really go 250 MPH, it’ll certainly have earned its place.

Like the Model S, the Tesla Roadster intends to use the same technology, albeit to a much more extreme extent. Tesla claim that the Roadster will have the equivalent of a 248-hp combustion engine, but that seems a little under-powered to us. In all likelihood, Tesla hasn’t unveiled all the details yet, so we’ll just have to see what the future holds.

1. Rimac C_Two – 256 MPH

Finally, we have the fastest all-electric hypercar to-date: the Croatian-made Rimac C_Two! Not to be mistaken with its predecessor, the Rimac Concept One, which Richard Hammond crashed years ago.

Do not fret, though. Hammond has yet to lay his hands on one (to our knowledge), so the crash testing will be left to the pros.

All joking aside, the C_Two is truly an extraordinary supercar. The benefits of instant torque delivery and a renewable source of power come together perfectly in the Rimac. Though the original Concept One might not have been the best, the C_Two is everything its big brother couldn’t be

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