JANUARY 6, 2021This 459lb Tuna Sold for $202,000, a Fraction of the Normal Price in a Non-Covid Year

I had to wonder about the cost of seafood while viewing this article and I thought it would be a great post! I never realized the actual cost of what seafood is included in a sushi dish or even a tuna steak! Now I have a great appreciation of tuna! Hopefully we can not overfish the tuna population and drive it into extinction!

Franklin White

Photo courtesy of Kate/Unsplash story courtesy of the Robb Report.

For its ceremonial New Year’s auction, Tokyo’s famed Toyosu wholesale fish market sold a true whopper. Weighing in at 459lbs, the glistening bluefin tuna sold for a considerable $202,000. While that’s an impressive sum to most for any kind of seafood, it is only 10 percent of the price paid for last year’s inaugural catch and a far cry from the all-time record of $3.1 millionpaid at the start of 2019.

This tuna is simply too good for canning.

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