‘Spider-Man,’ ‘F9,’ ‘Dune’ And The 12 Biggest Box Office Hits Of 2021

2020 is here and I cannot wait for the New Movies to arrive. Streaming movies at home is convenient, However nothing beats the IMAX experience along with the surround sound, high priced popcorn, overpriced drinks and let’s not forget the Nachos, that will give you the Gas of Ages.

Let’s keep in mind that the Movie experience will change due to Covid19, but I still long for the old fashion days of Feature Films and the Lounge seating.

Franklin White / The Sophisticated Gent!

Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel in Justin Lin’s ‘F9’

Story Courtesy Scott Mendelson Forbes Staff writer Hollywood & Entertainment

Presuming every scheduled 2021 theatrical offering hits its release date, here are my predictions for the biggest Hollywood hit for each of the next twelve months.

As I’ve done for every year since 2015, I’m celebrating the new year by doing an estimated guestimate as to what films will be the biggest, in terms of global grosses, for each month of the year. Needless to say, the version of this I did for 2020 didn’t exactly age well. Sonic the Hedgehog overperformed, Birds of Prey underperformed and, oh yeah, the entire theatrical industry came to standstill as a global pandemic swept the world.

A sizable number of top-tier theatrical releases moved from 2020 to 2021, to the point where some of this 2021 preview will be essentially a repeat of the 2020 that wasn’t. Covid-19 is still very much a factor and it’s possible that this year’s month-by-month rundown will be just as, well, “wrong,” but let’s be optimistic, shall we?

Oh, and this will be specifically Hollywood releases, even as I expect Chinese biggies like Detective Chinatown 3 (February 12, 2021) to rule until Hollywood gets back into the swing of things. And without further ado…

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