Meet the Bandolier, a Spicy Mezcal Riff on a Martini

I love extremely interesting drinks, especially Martini’s. If you really want to impress a Lady then surprise them not only by ordering dinner, but drinks as well. It also gives you the edge when you become the topic of conversation with her friends.

Franklin White / The Sophisticated Gent

Photo: courtesy Edward Howell/Unsplash
Story courtesy of Jason O’Bryan

“Can you make me a spicy martini with mezcal?”

Working behind a cocktail bar, I’ll get “bartenders’ choice” requested a few dozen times a night—the guest requests a preferred spirit and style, and I scan my mental drink rolodex to determine what to make them. While usually fairly straightforward, this can sometimes lead to interesting places, especially with the kind of regulars I have, who like to take advantage of the slow moments by asking for riddles, like the one above.

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