The Beginner’s Guide to Weight Training

Greetings, It’s a new year and we are back to Basics! There is a right way and a wrong way to start your workouts! Let’s make 2021 the year to jumpstart your life moving forward!


Franklin White / The Sophisticated Gent

Story By Cristina Montemayor

Deciding to seriously go after your fitness goals can seem daunting at first. Beginner workouts are useful to help get your body acclimated to a new routine. Whether you want to lose love handlesexercise in 20 minutes, or train for an ultra marathon or endurance event, or simply take better care of yourself, making a habit out of exercising is the first step. Weight training creates a stable foundation that sets you up to achieve your fitness goals, but it can feel overwhelming — and even be dangerous — for beginners.

“On a physical level, weight training can improve strength, endurance, balance, and it also helps keep your bones healthy,” says Kenta Seki, ACE-certified personal trainer and FitOn App Trainer. “On a mental level, exercise and weight training can improve your mood and sleep patterns, and even boost your self-confidence.”

If you’re new to weight training, you’ve come to the right place. We worked with Kenta to create a beginner workout guide that will help familiarize you with the movements and techniques you need to know in order to execute these exercises safely and give you the results you’re after. You don’t need a ton of workout equipment to see results quickly – you just need a basic understanding of the weight training principles.

Before you start throwing heavy weights around your home gym, Kenta has a few pieces of advice for weight training safely.

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