Best College Football Players of All Time, Ranked

(Photo: Scott Cunningham/Allsport, Getty)
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I always wondered who was the best college player of all time! Otherwise the G.O.A.T! Frankly its a high-wire act to make that call, so I will leave it to you! In your opinion who is the greatest college football player of all time!

Franklin White

Who’s the greatest college football player of all time? Bo Jackson? Lamar Jackson? Tim Tebow? Read ahead for the answer, and along the way find out where the likes of Reggie Bush, Vince Young, Ricky Williams and Earl Campbell rank — and learn who’s the GOAT of college quarterbacks.

We’ve put together a list of the 50 greatest college football players ever, and ranked them from star to legend. Our list includes five Ohio State icons, four USC Trojans greats and three alums each from Nebraska and Notre Dame. Sorry, Alabama fans: No Crimson Tide stars made the cut.

With an estimated 5.3 million people having suited up in the game’s first 150 years, we had a lot of talent to choose from. To narrow the list, we looked first at players who’d been unanimous, first-team, All-America selections. Bonus points were awarded for Heisman Trophy, Maxwell Award and/or Outland Trophy wins. Inclusion in an ESPN-conducted coaches’ poll on the 10 greatest college football players of all time was big, and something that helped ensure the game’s trailblazers, including Jim Thorpe and Jim Brown, weren’t excluded. College Hall of Fame honoree status worked in a player’s favor, but wasn’t weighted too heavily so as to not skew the results in favor of older players.

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