The Workout That Helped Stephen Dorff Gain 10 Pounds of Muscle for MMA Drama ‘Embattled’

Working out and being 50 years of age takes a lot of motivation. However we can dig deep in our being and come up with a healthy regimen that can add years to our lives. If you want to explore the right way you can hire a trainer or follow a guideline that will take you to the next level. Quite a few workouts will separate the Men from Boys. Send us the before and after photos and we will post them.

Franklin White

Courtesy of IFC Films Stephen Dorff as Cash Boykins in MMA Drama ‘Embattled’

Stephen Dorff was looking for a challenge, both professionally and physically, when he got the script for Embattled. The mixed martial arts drama would require the veteran actor to get into the best shape of his life to portray a flashy Octagon champion the likes of UFC stars Conor McGregor and Cowboy Cerrone. To accomplish the physique of a professional fighter, Dorff called upon Josh Perzow, whom he met while preparing for Immortals. The Montreal-based trainer has had extensive experience helping athletes—from boxers to NHL players—get into shape for competition.

“The shirt was going to be off for most of the movie, since he’s brawling or training in a lot of scenes,” Perzow says. “So we wanted him to have that really dialed in—[give him that] shredded figure during the fight sequences.”

Four weeks before filming, Perzow showed up at Dorff’s door in Los Angeles to make sure he got there. The result was 10 pounds of muscle mass, and a convincing warrior physique onscreen.

Stephen Dorff’s Embattled Nutrition

Putting mass onto Dorff’s naturally sinewy figure meant putting him in a clean calorie surplus, which took a fair amount of experimentation. “Getting size on requires a lot of eating,” says Perzow. “But not just anything. The foods we had him taking in were as organic and fresh as we could get them.”

Protein is the main building block for muscle. Perzow’s usual strategy is to do one gram of protein for every pound of body weight, focusing on lean sources like fish, turkey, and chicken breast.

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