20 Fall Wardrobe Essentials to Add to Your Closet Right Now

Esquire – By Heath Owens and Adam Schubak

Most people don’t, ah, exactly look forward to the end of summer. But the arrival of fall also brings with it opportunities to really start dressin’ in a way you couldn’t during the warmer weather. You can do a lot more style-wise with a great pair of cords or a sleek jacket than you can with, like, a bathing suit. So, yes, it’s finally time to store away your short-sleeve shirts for good and lean all the way into layering. To help make the transition slightly easier, we tracked down some of the best offerings via our favorite brands this season—from boots to bombers and everything in between—to help you update your autumnal wardrobe in style. So hop on board, pal. The train for fall is leaving now, and trust me: It’s gonna be a hell of a ride.

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