GM Just Gave Us the First Good Look at the New Hummer SUV

It’s about time the Hummer made a comeback! I never owned one, but rented a Hummer 2 during a visit to my hometown of Chicago. It was a complete pleasure! Whether snow, wind, rain or its the vehicle you wish you had!
Fully Electric 1000hp Monster of the Freeways

The SUV variant of the eagerly anticipated EV is expected to make its debut in 2023.

Last month, the reborn Hummer EV’s public unveiling created as much buzz as any vehicle debut in recent memory. The SUV version of the truck, on the other hand, made its first appearance in the background of a General Motors investment call.

That’s because the American automaker casually offered up the first real look at the eagerly anticipated electric SUV during a digital investor conference earlier this week, according to Road & Track. And while we’ll have to wait a couple years for the variant to be available for purchase, the glimpse, along with info from the SUV’s debut, give us a pretty solid idea of what to expect.

The unexpected cameo was captured and shared by an eagle-eyed user over on the message board on Thursday. In a screen shot of the moment, you can see the long-roofed version of the burly SUV parked behind GM CEO Mary Barra and another executive. Though the image resolution leaves something to be desired, you can clearly see that the variant looks just like the rough and rugged truck, only with an interior cabin that extends all the way to the rear of the vehicle. If anything, it looks more like the Hummer H2 than the truck model does.

It has been suggested that the reveal was inadvertent, and it very well might be, but in the era of viral marketing it’s hard to say for sure. When reached for comment by Robb Report, a representative for GM confirmed that the vehicle featured in the conference call is the Hummer SUV but could not offer any other details.

Thanks to the Robb Report for a great article!

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