It’ll be on Stephen Curry to take the Warriors from good to great!!!!!!

You’re probably thinking that The DUBS have run their course as a NBA super team. I would not count them out yet. With new draft picks and the remaining core group of players. The former NBA champs will still have a knockout punch for the Western Conference race.

Franklin White

Photo courtesy of Blue Man Hoop

Stephen Curry hasn’t had to be great for the Golden State Warriors to win. This season, he’ll have to be one of the best players in the NBA once again.

The last three times the Golden State Warriors were title contenders, they had Kevin Durant on their roster. Mix Durant with two-time MVP Stephen Curry and five-time All-Star Klay Thompson and you easily have the best three-man unit in the league.

Sadly, that’s not what Curry, who played in just five games last season, is returning to. Neither of those players will be taking the court for the Warriors this season as Durant signed with the Nets last offseason and Thompson has sustained yet another season-ending injury.

The Warriors with Curry will be good. They’ll be a playoff team in an ultra-competitive Western Conference.

For them to be great, they’ll need that extra boost to come from Curry.

While Curry’s now over 32, he’s still elite. His last truly competitive set of games was the 2019 postseason. Do we remember what he did to Portland? In a quick four-game sweep, Curry averaged 36.5 points and 6.5 threes per game.

Curry then went on to put up over 20 points in each of the six NBA Finals games which also included a 47-point performance. That’s the Curry the Warriors will need to be great, and they may need it often which will be asking quite a bit from the aging superstar.

Both the NBA’s scoring leader one season and its only unanimous MVP, Curry has everything in the bag that it takes to elevate Golden State to a level above the bulk of teams in the NBA.

Given his injury history though, Curry could be one two-week injured stretch from the Warriors missing the playoffs. He’s a massive difference-maker for the success of this franchise, especially without Thompson who gives him some room to slack.

Curry must be the difference, and it’ll be on him to take this team back to the Finals.

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by Nathan Beighle

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