The Best Sex Positions for Small Penises

Photo courtesy of Pexel

Let’s get straight to the point! Most ladies would state the bigger the better! Some ladies would state, it’s the motion in the Ocean that counts the most!

Frankly speaking its all about technique. If you took a survey and asked the question, ladies, would you rather have a two-minute Whale or a Salmon that swims upstream until he reaches the Dam! Pause, then let the lady answer. That will let you know either you will be taught or be the teacher!

Just my opinion of course.

Franklin White

No, size does not equal pleasure, but these positions can help optimize your sex physics for maximum satisfaction.

By Gigi EngleDecember 01, 2020 Courtesy Shape Magazine

As a certified sex coach and sex writer, I get a striking number of emails from readers asking me if their penis is too small. It reflects a deep insecurity that’s woven into the male psyche about penises and size — that men (and women) are taught that bigger penises are the one thing that makes sex good.

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